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MSDS Resources

MSDS - The Material Safety Data Sheet is a vital source of information for any person dealing with Hazardous Materials. The MSDS contains information that will enhance your knowledge about associated hazards, specific handling procedures, and spill response measures.



  Go to the top of this pageA. The MSDS should include the following

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Class 1

1. General Information Section: This section should include the product name and the manufacturer's information.

2. Ingredients/Identity Section: This section should list information for each hazardous ingredient, including the chemical name, chemical percentages that make up the product, and OSHA exposure limits (if applicable).

3. Physical/Chemical Characteristics Section: This section informs you of the possible dangers you and the environment could encounter if the chemical is released.

4. Fire and Explosion Hazard Data Section: This section tells you whether the material will burn and how it's chemical constituents will behave in a fire.Go to the top of this page

Class 2
Class 4

5. Reactivity Data: This section informs you of the stability of the material and how the chemical constituents will react with other common chemicals.

6. Health Hazard Data Section: This section describes human health hazards and provides information on how the chemical constituents can enter the body. This section also will list applicable exposure limits.Go to the top of this page

Class 4

7. Precautions for Safe Handling and Use Section: This section describes safe handling procedures, spill response criteria, neutralization techniques and disposal information.

8. Control Measures Section: This section provides information on protective measures, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and good management practices to avoid exposure.

9. Transportation Data Section: This section provides information needed to transport the material and lists applicable Department of Transportation (DOT) shipping data.

10. Disposal Data Section: This section describes the procedures needed to dispose of the material and lists applicable waste codes.

11. Label Data Section: This section provides information that is necessary to label the material.

Class 7




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